A story of passion

Here is Celine

She is the designer behind SOLROS.

Holder of a master's degree in entrepreneurship, she first supported future entrepreneurs, then herself passionate about fashion, creative hobbies, photography, graphic design, she gave birth to SOLROS.

And it's with earrings that SOLROS will hit the road.

The workshop is located in the South of France, in Perpignan. Each piece of jewelry is designed and worked around a theme: it is a unique, timeless piece and yet linked to fashion.

Jewelry and pouches are created in an eco-friendly approach. responsible, thus combining beauty and pleasure with respect for the environment and limitation of waste.

Our engagements

SOLROS wishes to be part of a sustainable approach by drawing inspiration from movements such as "slow fashion" and creating accessories that respect the environment at all levels.

Our jewelry is made by hand, with care and love . The polymer clay is worked, mixed to obtain original colors, then modeled and fired. Then comes the freehand painting, and the varnishing of each piece to ensure its durability.

Buying SOLROS is supporting local crafts , because our workshop is located in Perpignan, in the South of France. All our jewelry and their pouches are created there, and we only buy from suppliers located in France or in Europe . No more jewelry that travels more than you do, thus considerably reducing our carbon footprint .

To go even further in our eco-responsible approach, all jewelry pouches are manufactured from fabrics to which we give a second life , in order to limit waste. The whole is sent in a recycled, compostable envelope… and of course “Made in France” .